I went to bed early because I was feeling sick; I don't feel so good this morning either.  Strange dreams.  I don't remember the first part, but it was very early mornig, and we went to a friends house  He lived right behind a car wrecking yard.  There was a pay shower (like at the beach) where we took a shower.  BC (my partner) was mistaken for a gangster, I don't remember the name, but it was Hispanic, we were confronted by this warlord type gangster, who was very short and fat and on the dark-side of white skinned.  (BC, the friend with the wrecking-yard house, and the original woman who mistook BC for a rival are all black, which seemed relevant in the dream)   We weren't hurt, so I just kind of went along with it, waiting for an opportunity to escape, trying to rationally explain that this was a case of mistaken identity.  UNTIL the short, fat warlord said that Plato's most important contributions were to military theory.  That made me angry and I defended Plato, stealing a gun, John Woo style.  That made me a favorite of the gang leader; it had been a test!  (BC isn't in the dream anymore after this, but in the dream, he hadn't been killed or anything, he just stopped existing, and I forgot about him…dreams?!?)

I passed from group to group quickly, ending up in the service of a mysterious warlord called Wednesday (who turned out to be Odin).  No one but me knew it was Odin, and I seduced him by worshipping him.  He had red hair, turning grey, and wore a fur suit like an old santa clause.  It was winter, but I wasn't cold in the dream, even though we were tromping through snowy woods.  He was short; only a little taller than me…maybe 5'6"?  stocky.  At first, I was only pretending to worship Odin, and I pretended I didn't know he was there, that Wednesday, our gang-leader, was Odin.  No one else in the gang knew that, they just thought he was badass.  But, after I started pretending to worship him, I started to fall in love with him, and then it turned weirdly sexual, and then I woke up, with a fever.

Due to the fever and my general feeling of shittiness, I think I'm going to not do any magic this morning, but hopefully I'l be feeling better tomorrow.  It took a turn for the cold and wet yesterday, so I didn't go to the beach to find shells.  It seems like it's done raining, so I'll go tonight If I feel better.  I'll read about Odin some.  He and I have always had a weird love-hate thing going on.  

Just now, as I write this, I remember that One-Eye is an appellation of Odin.

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