I did a calm, healing meditation, focusing on my third eye.  I did, actually get some visions, which is very rare for me.

I saw an old woman, from the back, in a pale blue dupoini silk cloak.  It was like a sari with a hood.  The silk was rough spun, full of slubs, and made of blues and tans, like a beach.

Next, I saw some teenage boys playing ball (soccer?) in a green field, with a tree.

Then, Aziz very clearly asked for a rattle.  Spirits rarely ask me for specific physical items; usually they want me to deliver messages or take actions.  

When I was young, and first getting into magic (I was about 12/13 then), one of the first magical tools I made was a hand rattle.  I found a large-ish clam shell (the right size to fit in my small hands–about 5 inches long, and about 3 inches wide).  I split the two sides apart, and very carefully cleaned it inside and out.  I put some seeds and crystal chips inside, and then sealed the two halves together with beeswax.  I painted some designs on the outside, and then used it like a rattle.  I havn't thought about making a rattle like that in many, many years.  I will start one tonight; I'll go down to the beach and see if I can find a shell big enough.  Honestly, though, I've never seen a shell that size on this beach.  (When I was a kid, we went to the Atlantic coast in southern NJ; now I live near the shore of the Long Island Sound in CT)  But, hopefully, magic will provide!  I'll just use the biggest shell I can find.  I'll post pictures after I make it, which is hopefully tonight, but more realistically over the next few days.

Seems like a shook off my slump!  Thanks to everyone who advised and cheered me on.

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