Hey Ya'll, I'll be starting to post the research now..since its been abit overdue. So I've been doing alot of google research last few days- reading online sources etc. What I've come down to in summary is:

First, Amitabha Buddha depending on what aspect your working with has a few roles; in Pureland Buddhism- he is an omega owning his own "buddha land", supported by his vows, here. He isn't "THE" Buddha but is seems in the text, Buddha being Sakyamuni or Gautama Buddha, recommends people working with Amitabha, on more than one occasion. Second is, Buddhist mantras depending on what school of thought you come from have different purposes, in Pureland its used to be used to for rebirth in the Pureland, in Tantric traditions its to burn karma and see blessings, in Zen severe disillusions and bring you back to "self-nature true mind' or focus. Third is stress emphasis: what I mean is..in Buddhism in its various forms the trend seems to be your focused on "other-power" or "self-power", eg) Pureland Buddhism/ Mahayana schools focuse on "other-power"- meaning relying on Spirits/Bodhisattvas​ to assist you in your growth. In contrast Zen/Theravada traditions, go on the idea of "self power" essentially meaning by personal intense and sustained efforts one can be Enlightened or grow. Now, from my perspective these focuses are fine however in practice I think its a balance of both or an ebb/relative depending what is happening- the intent. 

Generally I think those would be the 3 main points as a theme I've found through my research so far..