So, for the last week or so, a creature has been appearing in my dreams, but hazily.  He seems helpful and friendly.  He has something for me, something he will give to me when I’m ready for it?  I don’t think he’s spoken yet (not that I remember anyhow)  I would really like to get to know him better, so I’m going to work with him for my 30 day challenge.  I might evoke instead of invoke (as if there’s really a difference!  ha) depending on what I find out during this initial research phase.

He is kind of an opener of ways (like Ganesh or Legba), but more of a gate-keeper.  I call him “Alien Ganesh” for now, because he looks like a cross between an elephant and a big-head grey alien.

He isn’t a god of magicians, but he might be a god of magic.  He certainly has sway over psychic powers, and spirit/energy/magic perception. He is in charge of hidden (not lost, intentionally hidden) things/places; because he is a god of occlusion, he is also sometimes a god of revelation.  This is the thing I’m most sure of.  

I say he, but it might be a she.  It has a big, round belly…a pot belly or a late-term pregnancy?  It’s wearing a crown, possibly made out of fire, or tendrils of some plant, or maybe snakes, or tentacles, or fingers?  I think it has four arms, and eyes in the center of its (upper set of) palms.  It holds an elongated spinning egg shape (maybe a spindle?) between the two other hands.  Possibly between the upper right and lower left hand, with the other two palm out, showing the eyes.  

I don’t know a name yet… Asratan?  Azrafon?  Something like that I think.

I tried to draw some pictures, but I’m a really bad drawer. OTOH, my partner is an illustrator, so we played “police sketch artist” for a while.  He promised to draw me another one later tonight or tomorrow with the noted changes (in particular, holding the spindle thing)

I have tomorrow off, so I might try to go into a trance and ask him to show up and provide a name or seal or something.  I’m busily googling, but I don’t have much to go on.  If these pictures strike a chord with anyone, please let me know!  🙂

ps: This is my first use of wordpress, so please forgive the formatting.

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