The 30 days could be used as part of a greater intention.  This style of working does not quite fit within the normal fire and forget paradigm within sigil magic, nor does it fit within the normal requests one might make of a spirit.

Ultimately, putting a intention a 30 day process means the intention should be self-transformation or life transforming.  Now it could be something as simple as finding work, the start of a healing process, or any number of things.  The intention could be something like a spiritual insight ( although a month is not that much for that).

If you are spending 30 days, doing entity work with one entity, you should consider a few things.

First, you need to have a plan for success in the actual world with your intention and you need to give yourself for that space.  This means that you have to give yourself space to change in the process of physical changes too.  So that means potentially finding a career counselor, or re-tooling the resume for a job change.  A spiritual intention, such as insight or other internal change, will create a certain uncomfort since other people will not know how to take you.  The truth is, that any intention focused for a month on the point of an entity will transform you.  ou

You have to have the space with your friends, work, and your life.  That means GIVE yourself time.  You will have to adjust, even to yourself as you will be changed.

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