303There is alot of misconceptions about Ra.    Basically Ra is a solar deity.  Basically a king maker, the  crowner of the pharohs.  I have had Ra in my frame for a while now and have put working with him off for a while.

Ra is a beneficial and great spirit.  Ra is literally the Sun, but in some cases seems a benevolent almost Jupiterian force.  Certainly, a force of power, dominion and wealth.

To start, I would say check out the Wikipedia Site.

Like many Egyptian Godforms, Ra is complicated having combined and being mistaking for Horus, and AmonRa.  It would be beyond my preparation blogs to go into the Khemetic faith, and I will say that Ra reached out to me.  For this, I did not really want to go the route of the OTO/Golden Dawn rituals which mix Egyptian with Hebrew work.  

Primarily, I will be working this in a Chaos magic format, but leaning heavliy on the Eternal Egypt: Ancient Rituals for the Modern World  book.    Jason Colwell and I worked through the ritualized Combination of Ra with Ansur and reinacted the trip through the underworld with Set at Convocation 2013

In this ritual, I had invoked Ra, and Jason invoked Set.  Now  it was MOSTLY traditional based on the Seti II temple scryings that Reidy gives.  Reidy does not cover the magic components or energy flows well.  Jason and I practiced those first, so we could convincingly energetically and spiritually invoke Set and Ra,  That was a good solid 4 weeks of work, the ritual went amazingly well.

From this ritual, I felt like I could get some serious transformation done if I did something like Mysical union with Ansur.  I will probably work towards doing the Daily Opening on the mouth Ceremony with Ra, using an Oil lamp.

There is actually alot of prep work and I do not want any Kemetics getting Angry with me.  For the most part, I am a Chaos magician, Hoodoo person, and Vodou person.  I just need to do a little Ra work right now.

Physical Tasks to be done

  1. I need to draw out the 75 forms of Ra
  2. I need to build a small altar/temple for Ra, I was going to do this as a small spirit house which MEANS, I have to first do a PAPA LEBGA one, cause I told him I would.
  3. I need to derive a good formula for me for the oil lamp.
  4. Probably need to get a antiquities knock off lamp for myself.
  5. I need new white robes.

This is slightly more problematic as a working because I have to keep up various other practices too.  That means Daily Chakra work, the ancestral work and the Vodounic work.  All told its probably about a good 90 minutes a day.

So I have alot of prepartory work, which might push my start date past May 1st, but thats ok.    More Prep Posts Coming.