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  • Energy Challenge #2: Day 10

    Did some Reiki today 15-20 min. Cycled all symbols, though was really pushing it till spirits said your done.

  • Energy Challenge #2: Day 9

    Did 30 minutes of Reiki today, cycled through all the symbols today. 

  • Energy Challenge #2: Day 8

    So yesterday I did alot of energy work. Did Qigong and 2 hrs of Reiki. All in all a good day. I'm learning alot as I go through this process. Will update with Day 9 later today.

  • I Think I know what to do

    I want to put this out to the community first.

    Since I have no formal traning in a system of energy work/movement. I am going to use the power of Youtube.

  • Starting NOW!?!

    So when does the energy challenge start?

    BTW: if it ok I want to start a Lift App Goal for it.

    Also is there a way to change my id name?

  • Energy Challenge #2: Day 7 - Week Landmark

    So today I did alot of work..before the Reiki session I did about hr to hr and half or mala work. Afterward after some stretching I did some Reiki for about 40 mins. I found the Reiki was smoother, probaly because of the mala work beforehand.

  • Energy Challenge #2: Day 6

    Today I did about 40-50 min of Reiki. It was good...seemed things were streaming quite easily. I added some Qigong techniques to store the Reiki in the physical body while repairing/washing away any negativity- or habits/thought processes which were not helping where I like to go with things.

  • Energy Challenge #2: Day 5

    Today was somewhat of a difficult day. Not in terms of doing the meditation/Reiki just life stuff- lots of hard emotional complications. So, doing the Reiki it was mostly working around those areas today. Thankfully the Spirits helped guide the Reiki where it was needed- I do feel better.

  • Energy Challenge #2: Day 4

    Not much to say today...was about 30 min of Reiki today. Was cycling through all the symbols- Chokorei, Seiheki, HonShaZeShoNen, DaiKoMyo. 

  • Energy Challenge #2: Day 3

    Did about alittle less or an hr worth of Reiki today. Was getting some wierd images, but you work with what you got. The healing work took an unexpected turn, however ya roll with it and do what is needed. End of the session I felt good- however I have some questions I gotta ask myself.