Why the 30 day Challenge?

Magic is Doing and being not merely theorizing.

This point is contentious even because the notion of how much study is needed is a hotly debated topic and its circular in its debate.  Most of the modern Occulture is geared toward slick infomercials and very expensive tomes of magic.  

The path of magic is about doing, being, and becoming.  Its time to inject the DO back into the discussion.  Like mathematics, theory only goes so far.  It is time again to give a voice to the magical engineers who actual do and change the focus of the discusion.  Of course mistakes and oops will happen, but really its in the mistakes that we often grow the most.  Laugh it off, Do and Play with universe.  It's time to participate.

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Entity Challenge Number 2, Demon and Angels

demon-angelThis Challenge is at its core a 30-Day Entity Challenge however  with a Twist.  This is an Angel-Demon Challenge.

Start anytime from March 1st t0 May 1st, then go for the Thirty!

Hints and keeping safe.
Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole Bonus Podcast with Stephanie on Safety.
Helpful Hints in Text http://www.magical30.com/2014/03/safety-tips-working-spirits/

So the rules of the Challenge are quite simple.

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Tune in for some Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole

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Author: Jason M. Colwell
Posted: May 20, 2014, 1:36 am
Author: Jason M. Colwell
Posted: May 6, 2014, 10:26 pm
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