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This site is definately in BETA,  Zac and Andrieh definately thought we needed to get something going now to get the momentum going.  There whill be a whole lot of new stuff we promise...... Andrieh will also be running a different style set of courses to go with the magical30 now.


So what you can expect in the near future ( or probably Xmas break, since Andrieh Works full time and goes to school and has a family):

  • The UI will be greatly cleaned up
  • SEO improvements.
  • Caching and Boosting ( although the site is running fast).
  • Hiding your posts except from friends works, but we will have site tutorials.
  • Points, Games, and Adventures... OH yes we mean it.  On yes I do... n
  • Tighter Integration with Andrieh's Webinairs and courses.
  • Google Hang outs will probably return ( possibly as Hangout Air so they can be scheduled), possibly as free webinars.


What we would like do this time, but NEED YOU

1)  Andrieh's Magical  MOJO street teams.  

You know who spends the most at occult stores over the long haul....

Magicans DOING The work... We would like to again engage the stores and run challenges through the various stores... ONLY you can do that for your area.   Andrieh gives street team members unique access to him including private coaching, but you have to EARN it, and you start to earn it by getting a magical 30 ON the ground co-horts done through a store, or just through craigslist.    Now before you ask to get that unique and powerful access to Andrieh, you better put up the goods ( be doing the work here ) and by that point, you probably already know andreih's web page and how to contact him.   We will have full press kits, instructional packets for reaching out to the stores, and would love to see a Magical30 contigent in Conventions and stores... this however is totally up to you,,, we can only help you.  Remember when you first did a challenge, and how much your life changed?  Let's work together to give that gift to others.

2)  Inspiring interviews with you!!!!!!  

Its no secret now that Andrieh left ( but is still helping produce) Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole.  There was a tremendous amount of reasons for that transition.   Andrieh however does miss talking to YOU.

You the people who did the work, had life changing effects.  You the awesome, you the magical 30 winners, and YOU the people really and actually doing the work, 

Font Large enough for you... it is because you are the most important thing... YOUR stories are the bricks which build things.  With Jason, Andrieh is trying to work out doing some conversations with YOU.  Your stories are the inspiring ones, the ones that can create real change when other people listen.  

In person events?  We'd eventually like too.


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